Friday, March 29, 2013

My Mice

I took these recently of my mice. I have 3 (1 male named Houdini, and 2 females named Daisy and Rose).

           This is Houdini bringing a poptart I just put in his 20 gallon tank into his little "Barn":

                                       And the two girls (they live in a huge 55 gallon tank!):

                                                                    I spoil them:
3 times a week I give them fresh foods (Fruits/veggies), and then daily they have a special homemade mix I make with cereals, High quality dog food my dog's themselves eat, oats, nuts, seeds, etc. And I give them human junk pretty often.. They do love their poptarts! That must be why I have fat mice (And rats).

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