Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Organized the plants

Now that the rain has gone away and its sunny and warm outside I was able to do some cleaning up of my yard!

My mom found this bench for free at someone's curb. I painted it, and put some of my plants on it. Might have to relocate it though because I don't think there is enough sun in that location.

My plant in the Toilet bowl planter doesn't look good, I think it got too much water and the pot doesn't have good drainage! Ive been reading up more on proper care of certain succulents.. And my biggest problem is poor draining soil/pots. (Or for the winter I need to bring them all inside, or on my back patio away from rain)

I do not know what either of these plants are called!!!

And my Calla lillies! (Well..Lily...)

One of my garden helpers, Callie, hanging out on the wood pile.

Lola was not very happy to learn I am going to throw her favorite outside cat tree away.. It it gross, and grass was growing ON it!!

Skunk catching some rays.

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