Sunday, March 24, 2013


One of my cat rescue friend's gave me some free shelves the other day, and I had the perfect use for both of them! To hold some of my collections... I have too many! (These are in my bedroom)

One holds all of my The Walking Dead figurines (And I am going to be buying more..So ill have to do some rearranging), and then I also have my Snow globes on it too:

Sadly my 3 ft tall Zombie statue was too tall to fit on any of these shelves:
I think its funny I have such a scary looking thing next to Garden gnomes.....

And then the other is in our living room, and holds my DVDs (Which I suppose is also a collection of mine):
Right behind my favorite chair (And the wall color is not the same as my bedroom!! I didn't realize how similar it actually was until I look at it in pictures)

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