Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taking a break from painting.....

I know this isn't a project... I am currently in the middle of painting my bedroom (Almost done, just need to do trim work) and I will have before and after pictures once I get it decorated and put back together (I am killing two birds with one stone and also going to be cleaning my carpet since all my furniture is in another room). But I took a little break from painting and did a photoshoot with my pet rats, Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon (Only cool people will get the reference).

This is Daryl, he is the most friendly of the two and my little pal!

And this is his brother Merle, the more active of the two! They are almost large (Fat...) enough to move into their big cage (Which is a huge ferret cage that they used to be able to squeeze through the bars of).

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mini terrariums!

I have been wanting to make little terrariums for a while, but could never find Moss anywhere (Where do you even buy it at??). Well I found some in my own yard, and decided it was time I made a couple.

I used a little spice jar, and an old Jam jar! Finally have some uses for these containers, I have a couple shelves in my craft room filled with empty jars and glass containers I always want to find a use for, and finally I have!

I think I got a little bit of grass with my moss.. I will have to go in and pull it out eventually.  I found 2 different types of moss in a small section of my front yard.

All I do is mist each container every couple of days. I am looking for some really tiny little figurines to put in them. Can't find the tiny size I need anywhere.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring is almost here!

Which means it is time to check to see how my Succulents did during the Winter. I am in Central California..So no snow here, but we have had a couple freeze warnings this winter. I am not the best plant parent, I prefer succulents because they are hardy and my lack of a green thumb doesn't usually show with them! I am a big fan of container gardening.. probably because I like being creative with what kind of containers I can use. I get pretty much all of my Succulents from clippings my next door neighbor gives me, but I realize I should start buying some different varieties. I like Geraniums too... I can't kill those either!

My Aloe vera has seen better days. The cats won't stop laying on it! 

First project!

I decided to make a Blog because I am doing a lot of furniture redos and want people to be able to see my work!

I will start with my most recent, which is one wall in my dining room. I started with a dresser I got from my best friend who decided she didn't want it anymore. I painted it, put new drawer pulls, and it looks great!

This is the dresser before.. Very ugly, and dinged up. And those drawer pulls!!

Here it is after! And on top are plates for a plate wall Cost me 17$. I used paint I got from the Clearance section at Home Depot ($2 for half a gallon) and I barely used any of it to do two coats. And then I got the drawer pulls from Cost Plus World Market for 2$ each.

AND my plate wall I just finished today!
The plates came from Ross, Home Goods, and Pier One Imports! Took only 2 days to collect, and cost about $25 for all of them! The green basket and red chair were also free finds (Just the cost of paint!)

The elephant one came from Ross, the Yellow one came from Pier One, the small one in the middle on the very right side came from Ross, and all the other ones came from Home Goods! I am still on the search for more to add.