Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mini terrariums!

I have been wanting to make little terrariums for a while, but could never find Moss anywhere (Where do you even buy it at??). Well I found some in my own yard, and decided it was time I made a couple.

I used a little spice jar, and an old Jam jar! Finally have some uses for these containers, I have a couple shelves in my craft room filled with empty jars and glass containers I always want to find a use for, and finally I have!

I think I got a little bit of grass with my moss.. I will have to go in and pull it out eventually.  I found 2 different types of moss in a small section of my front yard.

All I do is mist each container every couple of days. I am looking for some really tiny little figurines to put in them. Can't find the tiny size I need anywhere.

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