Monday, June 17, 2013

Even more new junk!

I am running out of names to title my posts... I can only call so many New Junk!

Teachers desk, and student desk (Vintage, solid oak).

My cat rescue friend who I have gotten a lot of my things from gave these to me!

My mom got this child's potty chair from an antique store

Horrible picture, I was too lazy to go back outside and take a better one! I got this metal shelf from my cat rescue friend, and the ladder from someone's curb!

My mom came home with this little phone

Mom got this from a yard sale

Singer sewing machine tray and tins (Came from an antique group I am in)

That is all for now!

Kiwi shoe shining kit (Someone was throwing this in the GARBAGE!).
Phillips 66 oil can (From the 50s) and someone was also throwing this away! People pay a lot for these kind of things
Rival ice-O-mat ice crusher from the 50s. Got this at an antique store

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Recent Nubbles pictures!

Did a cute little photo shoot with my baby Nubbles!

First it has been VERY hot, in the hundreds, the last few days and Nubbles needed to cool off:

And then modeling her new sun dress:

Thanks for looking!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Newest Project done!

We have had this dresser sitting in our driveway for a month now, and finally got to working on it. My mom did the sanding and prep work and added in the shelf on the bottom. I did all the painting. 



It is being used for our Buddha/Indian stuff. We just need a few baskets to put on the bottom area.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yard Sale Finds

We went to yard sales the last couple of Saturdays, and I am just posting pictures of our finds.

The two middle cans are our newest from a yard sale. The other two we have had for a while now.

Put some burlap down on our buffet table thingy we still haven't done anything with! It just holds our junk.

Quaker Oats tin (1982) I just bought at an Estate sale!

 My newest lantern

My little lantern collection

Dinosaur cookie jar I got from an Estate sale.. I don't know why, but I love her!

Got this bookshelf from my cat rescue friend who always gives me furniture and stuff! Thanks Deena!

The taller seaman belonged to my father, he got it from his father. Its atleast 100 years old. Its a little inappropriate because the top half lifts up and exposes his male parts! The two smaller ones we just got from a yard sale. (All are hand carved from wood).

An Indian pocket watch ashtray, really neat! Another great yard sale find!

This is not the least bit old, I bought it at Home Goods. But its an addition to our Dachshund collection

I am really regretting not getting the entire box of these Mcdonald's (And a couple non Mcdonald's) pins from a yard sale