Thursday, May 23, 2013


Just a few random garden pictures!

 I just moved these guys to an area with more sun...They were in complete shade, and some are looking really good, but some are not because I think they needed more sun.
 These are my newest succulents

 This was just a tiny leaf from my neighbors plant, and now its getting pretty big!
 My garden helper, Callie. On one of my ladders I plan on having some potted plants on eventually.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I wanted to introduce the newest member of my family, Nubbles! She is a very special little girl. She was born without her front legs (Well she does have one up to the elbow but its useless). She hops around, and she doesn't even know she is different. Once she is full grown we will have a custom made wheelchair made for her, but for now we are trying to make a temporary one for her to use as she grows.

To see her progress, please visit her facebook page:  Nubbles Johansson

She has her own FACEBOOK page: Nubbles Facebook page

More stuff!

My mom and I transported a kitten to a rescue in Monterrey, and while there stumbled upon an antique store in Moss Landing called The Cottage by the Sea. We only bought one thing, but we love it!

 And my mom got some more stuff from an auction. Just some really random things, and an old portable Singer sewing machine.
Very random old things. An old Fire extinguisher, an  old Pix Pix pick up sticks game (With all of its contents!), etc.

 I really like this cool wood hand carved rocking elephant

The portable sewing machine from the 40s. (Comes with the whole case). I guess we collect sewing machines now, and we don't even sew!

And a few thrift store finds:
A new jug! This one is a Purex jug.

 Salesman sample of a Crescent stove!

Came with a little pan and iron too!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Lodge themed office

EDIT TO ADD: It looks very different now, has a lot of new stuff and things are rearranged. And lots more things on the walls and shelves.

I got my foster kittens out of there (They are now in the craft room) and I was able to organize the Lodge better... It still has a little clutter I need to work on, and I should have dusted before taking the pictures! And we are NOT hunters. I would never hurt an animal. But we do have some fur items, and antlers in this room. (my mom bought them). We decided on a Lodge theme because my mom loved the original knotty pine and did not want to get rid of it, and the only thing we could come up with that goes with the wood paneling was Lodge.

The couch we got for free at someone's curb. The oak teachers desk came from Craigslist, the Oak chair came from a thrift store. The Deer picture came from a thrift store. The tool box with wood handle was free at someone's curb, and the tackle box and all of its contents belonged to my grandfather.

 The duck on the desk was a gift from my brother. We got the porcelain kerosine heater from an Antique/Consignment shop. The trunk came from the same shop (My mom stained it). The milk jug came from a junk store. You can barely see the shape of it, but the telephone bench came from a thrift store. The minnow bait bucket came from the same Antique store as the heater and trunk. I got the deer welcome thing from Hobby Lobby.

 The horse painting I got from an Auction, I really wanted it! The buffet table (If that is what it is) was free at someone's curb. It needs a LOT of work, but its fine looking rustic for now.

Some of the smaller stuff displayed! (The porcupine candles, and the beaver stuffed animal are the only things that are not old! I got both from Target.)

Friday, May 3, 2013

More Auction Buys

Went to another auction... We spent more money, but also got a lot more cool stuff!

My mom bought this 1919 Singer rotary Sewing cabinet with machine. It is in surprisingly good condition. The drawers were stuffed with things!

One of the things in the drawers of the sewing machine! I don't know why I love this so much! Its a metal Scotch tape dispenser from the 1950s

Another thing in the drawers: Wiss pinking scissors from the 1940s

1920s Gem Jr. Nail clippers (Yet another sewing cabinet find)

These were also in the cabinet.. I know absolutely nothing about them, tried finding them online. They are made of wood, and very small!

The last of the cool things found in the drawers (There were lots of sewing things, and an old Yale brand Lock key but I didn't get pictures of it yet). This is a Singer buttonholer in original box, with attachments and instruction manual!

This beauty is a rare 1940's General Electric 3 beater stand mixer! The 3 beater is what makes this thing rare. It even has the juicer attachment! AND the icing on the cake: IT WORKS! And another thing that makes this thing so great is we only paid $5 for it!

I love this thing! 1931 Luxor timer clock. It doesn't work, and has seen better days I'm sure, but I think it is still very neat

Enamel photograph developing trays, very vintage. My mom actually has a collection of enamel medical containers shes had for years, so this is a good addition to it.

And lastly:
Oster hand clippers from the 1940s. I had to have them!

Purex jug  (not an extremely old one since it has the screw cap.) This didn't come from an auction, but a thrift store.

Crescent salesman sample stove! Awesome find from my mom! This came from a thrift store along with the bottle.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Junk

These are some random things I (or my mom) have bought from various places:
 My mom bought this jar for 1$ at a yard sale.

We got this from the same antique store I bought a few of my Clorox/Lysol bottles from. Just a little Avon Coleman lantern.

My mom got this kerosine heater at an Antique/Consignment shop! We have come across quite a few of these at antique stores, and an auction and none were this color with porcelain!   I think we lucked out..and only $35!

I went to my first Auction the other day, and even though I didn't get anything of real value, it was still an exciting thing to do! We are actually going to another auction tonight. But I did get a few cool things:
I don't really know anything about this, but it came in a bundle with this squirrel statue I wanted. Its definitely vintage, I can tell just by the way the face is drawn on. But I love cats, so this will fit in well at my house.

The said squirrel I really wanted, it goes with my woodsy theme. And two owl salt and pepper shakers that was a part of the bundle. There is also a Lelo and Stitch figurine..and some ugly old lady decorative ceramic flowers I am going to get rid of because it is hideous!
I have a thing for lanterns, and found some semi-old ones that I liked at the auction.

And my mom FINALLY got some antlers for our "Lodge" themed office.


Stained glass fun!

My mom decided to start working on faux stained glass projects.. and I ended up helping her and actually enjoyed it so I think this will be a new hobby for me!

So far we only have the leading done, and we have to wait for it to dry (it takes 8 hours!). We hand did the design. And this IS our first time doing this, so there are some mess up areas.. But we still like it! I can't wait to start painting it!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A moment of cuteness!

My foster kittens are about 4 weeks old now, and doing well. I did lose one, the little runt named Dexter. I have been trying to get them to eat solid foods, which will help Georgia (their mom) get a break from feeding 11 kittens! They would not eat anything I tried (Canned food, or baby food which usually works for bottle raised kittens I have had over the years). We had salmon for dinner, and my mom cut up some raw salmon to give to the cats, and I put a plate in the kitten area for Georgia to eat and the kittens ATTACKED it! They went crazy! They were growling at each other, and carrying pieces around. It was the cutest things ever. And of course I took pictures cause it was too cute:

This is Riley. He was growling at me while I was taking this picture! And he loves me more than the others, he is always the first to come running when I open the door. He sure does love salmon!

 Sawyer enjoying his piece

Orlando (The tiniest of the group!) trying out a piece. He has a bit of an eye infection he is on antibiotics for, and eye ointment. Just waiting for it to clear up!

Savannah (the smallest girl)
Some still preferred their mom's milk

Orlando, and Riley