Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Lodge themed office

EDIT TO ADD: It looks very different now, has a lot of new stuff and things are rearranged. And lots more things on the walls and shelves.

I got my foster kittens out of there (They are now in the craft room) and I was able to organize the Lodge better... It still has a little clutter I need to work on, and I should have dusted before taking the pictures! And we are NOT hunters. I would never hurt an animal. But we do have some fur items, and antlers in this room. (my mom bought them). We decided on a Lodge theme because my mom loved the original knotty pine and did not want to get rid of it, and the only thing we could come up with that goes with the wood paneling was Lodge.

The couch we got for free at someone's curb. The oak teachers desk came from Craigslist, the Oak chair came from a thrift store. The Deer picture came from a thrift store. The tool box with wood handle was free at someone's curb, and the tackle box and all of its contents belonged to my grandfather.

 The duck on the desk was a gift from my brother. We got the porcelain kerosine heater from an Antique/Consignment shop. The trunk came from the same shop (My mom stained it). The milk jug came from a junk store. You can barely see the shape of it, but the telephone bench came from a thrift store. The minnow bait bucket came from the same Antique store as the heater and trunk. I got the deer welcome thing from Hobby Lobby.

 The horse painting I got from an Auction, I really wanted it! The buffet table (If that is what it is) was free at someone's curb. It needs a LOT of work, but its fine looking rustic for now.

Some of the smaller stuff displayed! (The porcupine candles, and the beaver stuffed animal are the only things that are not old! I got both from Target.)

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