Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More stuff!

My mom and I transported a kitten to a rescue in Monterrey, and while there stumbled upon an antique store in Moss Landing called The Cottage by the Sea. We only bought one thing, but we love it!

 And my mom got some more stuff from an auction. Just some really random things, and an old portable Singer sewing machine.
Very random old things. An old Fire extinguisher, an  old Pix Pix pick up sticks game (With all of its contents!), etc.

 I really like this cool wood hand carved rocking elephant

The portable sewing machine from the 40s. (Comes with the whole case). I guess we collect sewing machines now, and we don't even sew!

And a few thrift store finds:
A new jug! This one is a Purex jug.

 Salesman sample of a Crescent stove!

Came with a little pan and iron too!

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