Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A moment of cuteness!

My foster kittens are about 4 weeks old now, and doing well. I did lose one, the little runt named Dexter. I have been trying to get them to eat solid foods, which will help Georgia (their mom) get a break from feeding 11 kittens! They would not eat anything I tried (Canned food, or baby food which usually works for bottle raised kittens I have had over the years). We had salmon for dinner, and my mom cut up some raw salmon to give to the cats, and I put a plate in the kitten area for Georgia to eat and the kittens ATTACKED it! They went crazy! They were growling at each other, and carrying pieces around. It was the cutest things ever. And of course I took pictures cause it was too cute:

This is Riley. He was growling at me while I was taking this picture! And he loves me more than the others, he is always the first to come running when I open the door. He sure does love salmon!

 Sawyer enjoying his piece

Orlando (The tiniest of the group!) trying out a piece. He has a bit of an eye infection he is on antibiotics for, and eye ointment. Just waiting for it to clear up!

Savannah (the smallest girl)
Some still preferred their mom's milk

Orlando, and Riley


  1. Georgia looks mad that theyre still nursing

  2. They are almost 5 weeks, she is starting to ween them! I got them some kitten food today, small bites and they were eating it!