Friday, May 3, 2013

More Auction Buys

Went to another auction... We spent more money, but also got a lot more cool stuff!

My mom bought this 1919 Singer rotary Sewing cabinet with machine. It is in surprisingly good condition. The drawers were stuffed with things!

One of the things in the drawers of the sewing machine! I don't know why I love this so much! Its a metal Scotch tape dispenser from the 1950s

Another thing in the drawers: Wiss pinking scissors from the 1940s

1920s Gem Jr. Nail clippers (Yet another sewing cabinet find)

These were also in the cabinet.. I know absolutely nothing about them, tried finding them online. They are made of wood, and very small!

The last of the cool things found in the drawers (There were lots of sewing things, and an old Yale brand Lock key but I didn't get pictures of it yet). This is a Singer buttonholer in original box, with attachments and instruction manual!

This beauty is a rare 1940's General Electric 3 beater stand mixer! The 3 beater is what makes this thing rare. It even has the juicer attachment! AND the icing on the cake: IT WORKS! And another thing that makes this thing so great is we only paid $5 for it!

I love this thing! 1931 Luxor timer clock. It doesn't work, and has seen better days I'm sure, but I think it is still very neat

Enamel photograph developing trays, very vintage. My mom actually has a collection of enamel medical containers shes had for years, so this is a good addition to it.

And lastly:
Oster hand clippers from the 1940s. I had to have them!

Purex jug  (not an extremely old one since it has the screw cap.) This didn't come from an auction, but a thrift store.

Crescent salesman sample stove! Awesome find from my mom! This came from a thrift store along with the bottle.

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