Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Junk

These are some random things I (or my mom) have bought from various places:
 My mom bought this jar for 1$ at a yard sale.

We got this from the same antique store I bought a few of my Clorox/Lysol bottles from. Just a little Avon Coleman lantern.

My mom got this kerosine heater at an Antique/Consignment shop! We have come across quite a few of these at antique stores, and an auction and none were this color with porcelain!   I think we lucked out..and only $35!

I went to my first Auction the other day, and even though I didn't get anything of real value, it was still an exciting thing to do! We are actually going to another auction tonight. But I did get a few cool things:
I don't really know anything about this, but it came in a bundle with this squirrel statue I wanted. Its definitely vintage, I can tell just by the way the face is drawn on. But I love cats, so this will fit in well at my house.

The said squirrel I really wanted, it goes with my woodsy theme. And two owl salt and pepper shakers that was a part of the bundle. There is also a Lelo and Stitch figurine..and some ugly old lady decorative ceramic flowers I am going to get rid of because it is hideous!
I have a thing for lanterns, and found some semi-old ones that I liked at the auction.

And my mom FINALLY got some antlers for our "Lodge" themed office.


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