Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taking a break from painting.....

I know this isn't a project... I am currently in the middle of painting my bedroom (Almost done, just need to do trim work) and I will have before and after pictures once I get it decorated and put back together (I am killing two birds with one stone and also going to be cleaning my carpet since all my furniture is in another room). But I took a little break from painting and did a photoshoot with my pet rats, Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon (Only cool people will get the reference).

This is Daryl, he is the most friendly of the two and my little pal!

And this is his brother Merle, the more active of the two! They are almost large (Fat...) enough to move into their big cage (Which is a huge ferret cage that they used to be able to squeeze through the bars of).

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