Saturday, March 9, 2013

New finds part 2

I got around to taking pictures of my other thrift store/antique store finds.

First is this tool box thing?.. I honestly have no idea what this actually is. But I still think it is pretty cool. And it was FREE at someone's curb!

Then these Antique oil can pumps my mom bought from a junk store. She got both for 10$, she tried to haggle the price down but he wouldn't budge! She only wanted them because they reminded her of her childhood.

I got this vintage Pepsi box (Which the Pepsi logo is barely visible!) for free at someone's curb (I got it along with the tool box thing).

My mom bought these old milk cans from the same junk store as the oil cans. $30 for both! Don't know what we are going to do with them!

We got this cool antique Minnow bucket from this antique store.. I looked online and these are pretty rare to find! It will go perfect in our lodge themed room

I don't know how old these duck decoys are, but they were only $1 each and they match our Lodge theme

And lastly we got this Trunk from the same Antique store as the Ducks and Minnow pail. It just looked rustic, and would go well in The Lodge

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