Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Random new stuff

Random New Stuff

Got some new stuff, some from Ebay, some from Antique stores, Some from craigslist, some from my Facebook antique group, etc.
 My mom got this antique school desk from Craigslist. Is there nothing prettier than Cast iron and wood? I don't think there is!

 Sewing cabinet #3 (We have 2 Singers now, and 1 hundred year old Whites). This came from a local antique store
I got the brass lamp base for free and spray painted it. And then had the lamp shade lying around and glued some fabric on it. And now I have a really cute lamp!

This entry way table we rescued from a garbage pile. It needed to be sanded, and painted. I painted the legs white, and my mom stained the top.

 My mom got this adorable little cast iron Doll house Singer sewing machine from Ebay. It is THE cutest little thing ever!
 I posted the Library card catalog before, and that I wanted to attach it to some sewing cabinet legs. I FINALLY found the legs (Well my mom did from Craigslist), and now I just need a top for the catalog, and to clean it up a bit. I am still debating about whether or not I am going to stain it.
 Some kind of oil bottle thing from India. We got it at an antique store, it goes well on our India/Buddha shelf.
 Mag Citrate/medical bottle, got from the same antique store as the Indian oil bottle.
 Some more enamelware for my mom's collection. These are from Poland (usually we get the Swedish ones).I really want an apothecary cabinet to display the enamelware, and my Clorox/Lysol/Purex bottle collection in.

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