Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ebay and Junkers!

I have been meeting a lot of fellow junkers lately, and its pretty cool seeing other people's stuff. I don't think anyone likes to reveal where they get their stuff from though! I don't want people to know I get a lot of stuff from garbage piles, but most of the people I meet who are in to old stuff like "clean" junk, and don't want to get dirty. Not me, I don't mind dirt and dust.

 And my mom's newest favorite mode of purchasing things is EBAY.... There are boxes showing up at least every couple of days!


Grey-Poupon Dijon mustard jar with spoon. I love this thing. It looks bigger in the picture then it is!

My mom bought this old coffee mill, turned lamp from a store. I want to paint the brass...but she doesn't.

Hanson scale (From Ebay). I love it! It goes well with my vintage ice crusher, and our GE 3 beater mixer.

Lysol bottles (From Ebay). One even has the label AND original cork (And there are some contents inside!). 

Not too sure why my mom bought this, but it IS old! a saw blade tin container. (EBAY).

Marking outfit for stamping metal, back from WW1! These were used to hand stamp dog tags. (Its missing 4 letters, but still very cool!)

Singer sewing machine Teapot (EBAY)

My mom's enamelware collection is growing heavily! And she has more pieces in the attic she has had for many years but I have not gone up there to drag them down yet.

Singer sewing machine foot pedal we found in a garbage pile... Why would they throw that away?  Now it is wall art until I figure out what to do with it!

Metric scale (EBAY)

Old rusty tools! I love these, very interesting shapes with some of these. And a couple random railroad ties. I am trying to come up with a windchime or piece of art using the singer sewing machine pedal, and these....

Another piece of enamelware I just picked up today from a fellow junker.

A rusty metal funnel (From fellow junker)

Rusty metal pitcher (From fellow junker)

Hand strainer. I actually pulled this out of a garbage pile on my way home from the fellow junker's house

Old cheese grater (From fellow junker). This actually also goes good with my vintage kitchen stuff.. 

Old metal strainer (From fellow junker)

Metal minnow bucket (From fellow junker)

Shabby chic corner shelf (Usually I don't buy stuff that is already upcycled, but it was a good deal). I didn't take a full picture of the lifeguard board pictured behind it, but I got it from the same garbage pile as the strainer,

Shabby chic milk stool (Another good deal I couldn't pass up).

That Is All For Now!

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