Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My little garden!

I bought a few Geraniums that were on clearance at Walmart.. I can't ignore a good deal!

And then I always get clippings from neighbors, and random yards (I just take a LITTLE piece!) I got these geranium clippings from my Boss's neighbor, it was hanging over in his yard and I just grabbed one small piece and it has grown quite a bit and flowered!

And my Aloe vera plant has bloomed! Love it! The Bottom is a picture before it bloomed.


I finally figured out what this is called! Candytuft!

I still don't know what this is called though.. Some kind of lily for sure!

And my Calla lily!

I have posted this before, but since I am sharing my little garden this is a part of it:

I am on a mission to find good shade plants! I have a lot of shade in my yard, and want to have my flower beds filled up.

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